Canada, summer 2004

a new type of funky in the year of the monkey tour


dunc looking albertan...


cortes island: our friends luke & luke & the legendary bus... & sunset at smelt bay

aj behind the wheel in cowtown

david ross macdonald at the druid


a couple from the black dog... photos by laura

spanglers represent!

africans on the icefield

from the hill above ymir, looking down on the grounds of the reggae festival

the Cracker Cats onstage in Ymir

Selassie I Power rrrrocking it saturday evening

Ibo's band, with Mishka singing a tune


after the ymir fest, dunc was determined to make vancouver by hook or by crook... & was looking pretty hopeless, were it not for those feline heroines, the Cracker Cats, who saved the day & hauled Dunc out west.

ty & daz rode back to edmonton in considerably more modest fashion, in the back of steve's truck

nobody knows what happened to crees & I after that. we didn't take any photos. somebody sent me this one, don't know who it is.

at the canmore hotel

the folks in canmore getting down

dunc socking it to the people of canmore


getting sweaty

beautiful grassi lakes outside canmore

Cracker Cats & young fan at Starbelly Jam

us by kootenay lake, where we spent some time. photo jenny mak

darryl, emboldened by several pints of nelson's old brewery ale, challenges the rest of the band to a kung fu duel

we took good care of crees as promised

beautiful nobleford, alberta

scott's filthy feet & broken slipper after burning spear & toots at the sunsplash in stanley park

darryl trying his hand at managerial duties

a dietary tip from mr. cook

why we left.