pictures from Canada, 2005
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our first show of the summer, the monday before the fair, at o'byrne's in edmonton... these beautiful pics by tim wilson the daz bear in a comtemplative mood
breezy brian gregg was stellar as usual on lead guitar. a blessing to play with him again. way-back original angler kyle armstrong cutting it up on the drums
this space is for the first shot of NCF 05 that anybody sends me
a beautiful lil hootenanny at North Country Fair... They had no gas for the generator so we just did the workshop unamplified, and it went sweetly thanks to the attentive audience. Here with me are the girls from Po' Girl, Geoff Berner on accordion, and Nathan Caswell on the right, all wonderful songwriters and performers.

well, go ahead now if you got one...

getting a leetle woozy at johnny ray's in banff... pic by mike b

on the mic at starbelly jam, singing 'one drop' with kenji & the jammers. photo alan hughes

at the surf pub on gabriola island, a great spot... I shared the show with andre nobels, a friend from taiwan who was nice enough to help me out there... photo by andre I think

sorry, no photos from our second show of the summer at o'byrne's, but here's the flyer... scott left to go east the next day

the last stop of the tour, a weekend stint at the elk & oarsman in banff, with adam goring on the drums. thanks mike b for the photo

back at o'byrne's pub, dec 10th, for a rocking hometown show. all these photos by dave luxton.

laurelle young & red magic (shamik & crystal) did the guest spot, & got the place warmed up sweetly.

the inimitable mr. darryl els doing his ting 'pon bass, 'pon mic

"bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus bus woooo! don't worry bout it!" ...etc., etc. we amused ourselves, at least. thanks to jay on the drums, & the willing bystander who hopped up on the bass to be part of this debacle.

a festive scene at jackdaw's in calgary, january 30th... there were loads of people out & we danced the night away. thanks adrian for the photo