our mp3s on soundclick:

scott cook
the smoking cones
the anglers
long gone sound

roots music canada - great site, put together by the CBC... you can check out scott cook, the anglers & just about anybody else in canadian roots music in streaming audio

people who rock:
the inimitable miss Carolyn Mark, shown here with wise-ass guitarist Tolan McNeil & the Trish & Allison from Po' Girl the absolutely rockingest... Kinnie Starr
our favorite purple-haired accordian-wielding songstress, Wendy McNeill... photo Brian Zahorodniuk Our good friends, with a sweet laid-back sound, Patsy Amico & Brian Gregg
milk ...taiwan's groove kings rae spoon ...soulful countrified songs
  the cracker cats ...3-piece rowdy bluegrass

schlumpy ...taichung heavy funk
mandala ...one world music
knee deep in grass ...funky jam rock from edmonton, now defunct (& partly morphed into Big River)
SMAC - the Stone Merchants/Ancestors Collective ...a fusion of a roots band and an experimental music project
bob cook's unherd-of stewdio - great recording for $20/hr. in Edmonton... & great tunes by Bob himself

andre nobels.com

taiwan news:

the taipei times online - local news... no entertainment news in the online version though, alas
dragonfly jamboree - sunday drum jams in the park in Taichung, plus info on all sorts of other good things going down


Noam Chomsky... maybe the most important intellectual of our time. Please read him.

znet's chomsky archive
monkeyfist's chomsky archive

corporate watch - keepin an eye on those shysters
moveon.org - alternative news & views
ceasefire.ca - a canadian outpost in the struggle for peace & justice
downhillbattle.org - the truth about the music industry, commercial radio & payola, piracy & intellectual property rights...
the hunger site - a good idea; make it your start page... advertisers donate food in exchange for a click
the rainforest site - same idea, for the trees

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Martin Luther King on Vietnam, as relevant today as it was back in '67.


The War on Democracy
by John Pilger

Why We Fight
by Eugene Jarecki