pictures from taiwan... 2000-2003
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taiwan anglers striking a pose the anglers at the river in jungli, 2002... photo c. brian harmon
the anglers at spring scream horse, kenting, taiwan, april 2002... at the time it was ty, shali, crees, duncan & me me & shal jamming in the kitchen, right where we saw the first shrew... photo steve teuwessen
jamming at River, 2003... artwork in background by dabski... photo by frederic breakfast with the cones, cactus cafe, kenting, 2002... photo duncan shellwell
crees with tea in front of our houses... photo duncan shellwell taiwan anglers--the genuine article
台灣好可愛 (taiwan hao ke ai) rice fields in the misty mountains, southern taiwan
the anglers at spring scream goat, april '03... photo by sarah spring scream goat--kenting, Taiwan... photo by sarah
party in the rain at indian camp, friday night, spring scream goat jamming at river with dylan of the smoking cones, peace dave & nick sims of the late great spliffabyss
jamming after a peace rally in taipei protesting the war in iraq... see "GuyPark"-daz chillin like a big 'ol pimp

peacefest, a benefit for oxfam in iraq, at kunlun herb garden, in the mountains outside longtan... photo by steve the anglers doing their boozy best at peacefest... it was a sweet time, what I can remember... see
me darryl & jack (of mr. pokey, lately, & boss of banjo's, before) jamming at river anglers jamming at river, spring 2003 by simi
the anglers on stage w/ john, marilyn & elvis at the western 2 bar, tainan, may 2003 mcs long gone & insatiable dropping science at shiner age, jungli
anglers at underbits productions' all funked up, shiner age, jungli... pix by simi dave and the crowd at the river bar, jungli
kim, river boss, best bartender ever anglers at hangar 18, taichung, may 2003 hangar 18 show w/ milk, photos by simi
crees jamming at river... picture by frederic daz laying it down at spring scream goat... photo by janet the dazzla, bass player, eligle bachelor, looking slick... photo by laine redpath