pictures from Taiwan, 2003-2004
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the view from our houses, longtan... photo by darryl 5 finger mountain, hsinchu county... photo by big steve?
the Anglers at Music Fans for Orphans, Alita's benefit for St. Ann's Orphanage, at the Living Room, Taipei, Dec. '03 Anglers at the Living Room... photos by Steve Teeuwsen
Anglers at the Living Room - photos by Steve Teeuwsen our CD release for a quarter ounce of prevention at the Wall Live House, Taipei, Dec. 13th... photos Steve Teeuwsen
Jez from the mighty Ass9 blows harp with us... daz about to get rough with an unruly fan
Crees (feeling it): Hallelujah!
Daz (sternly): This bassline is non-negotiable.
me in my party hat... I'd just been on stage as Scrooge in my school's Christmas play
some of the folks partying ty & I... these last four shots are by AJ Valadka
the anglers at the Wonderbar, Jungli, November 2003 me & crees at Wonderbar... drum section at River... photos by Simi
ty at wonderbar... photo by alia ahmad our sleepy, sandy second set at illusion, kenting, after spring scream monkey
the anglers (w/ jammers from near & far) at aggie & sebastian's reggae sunsplash, taiping, april 2004... photos by beth helping us out are seth & torah from taichung's dragonfly jamboree, christian, nick & peace dave from the jungli drum circle, paul from philosophia & patrick from schlumpy on sax
some of the good folks partying more pretty girls partying
at the new banjo's cafe in hsinchu, may 2004... photos by bill cook good sport pierre making do with half a real kit, half a digital kit, & a wooden spoon
hsinchu people partying it was a stomper... sadly, one of the last for banjo's
anglers at the londoner, june 11, 2004... photos by ted, shitty disposable camera by kodak we were joined by kev from milk & patrick from schlumpy on double saxes, redney on guitar, hank from boogie chillin' on harp, peace dave & brad from schlumpy on hand drums
the good people of taichung partying more people partying
with mc insatiable & roger from schlumpy, at our sendoff at wonderbar, june 12, 2004... roger, bandmate patrick, & kev from milk were funking things up on 3 horns, red was rocking out on guitar, and the locals were banging the drums... a night to remember, for those who can...