pictures from Taiwan, 2004-2005
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the Anglers at the River, first show back after the summer, on a tuesday night, to send darryl off...  ty & scott... all these photos by alia
daz getting into it...
the Bomb!, golden plaza, taichung, new year's '05... not the first time we've played with the king
at bob marley's 60th birthday party, the wall live house, taipei... earlier on were Smoove 9 to 5, uncle Red-I & his band, & Papa Alex & the Pan Afrikan we had help from kinya on bass & Red-I's drummer... it was a sweet night
at the GiLaVaSai festival in Dulan, Taidong county, over the lunar new year the festival was put on by the adolan musem of art & brown sugar, some nice folks... the place is an old sugar factory
we had great help from mike (of mandala) on tablas, peace dave & precious on djembes, roger (of 'round midnight) on bass & patrick on sax...
ty... all these pix by scotty r.   when things really started getting funky friday night... our friend homi
Eurofest, at the Taipei European School, a rainy day in March the Anglers at Spring Scream Chicken, Kenting
we had help from Kev from Milk and Patrick from `Round Midnight on saxes, Wesley later on trumpet, Jubba from Jindowin & Orenda on drums... and Roger from the Rhythm Clowns on bass... I think he broke a record that weekend; he was on stage with everybody!
ty & crees Earth Day Mountain Jam, another great party by Lady J, up on Yangming mt. in Taipei... Scott was still in hospital but made a little field-trip out for the show. Great people, great tunes, great night. peacefest 2005, kunlun herb garden, longtan. this is us anglers, playing for the local crowd & some true fans who made it from hua lien, saturday at one
Our motley crew Liz & Alia... This is the closest we ever got to having our I-Threes
Jub up on his throne, where he sat most of the day Paul and Andy on horns