pictures from Taiwan, 2006-2007
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a couple shots venus took at Bliss in Taipei, where I opened for Jason Grenier, aka Mister Green a couple times in February "bein a folksinger in taipei's a lonely life," says jay, but the folks who did come out were always well into it. lotsa fun
our first proper gig with the new combo was down in chiayi, for the wedding party of our new friends mark & georgina the party was in an old japanese sawmill-turned-bar called the Calgary... here's ty, doin it undeterred with his leg in a cast after a scooter spill.
& our good man jubba, still doin it undeterred after we left him waiting at the train station for 2 hours kinya, from red-I & the riddim outlaws, has stepped in to fill the bassman shoes for us, & he's doing it sweetly
from spring scream dog, saturday april 8th... I finished a PTA, took plane & taxi to get there... a little rushed but a sweet time all the same here's ty rockin out in the deep south despite the broken leg... thanks to the good people there for making it worthwhile
jubba obviously enjoying himself... all these photos by venus wu we had help from paddy on sax as usual, plus paul head & andy francis of the sound clashes on sax & trombone
ty finally gets some well-deserved service... he's being schlepped here by our friends Jason Grenier & Charles McHale Peacefest 2006 - fellow volunteer & disorganized Super-organizer Peace Dave & I reasoning by the stage
the band, early Saturday evening it was a great time. Andy from the Sound Clashes joined in on trombone
getting sweaty Kinya in the pocket
& our extra special guest, all the way from Alberta via Australia, our erstwhile drummer Adam Goring Canada D'eh at Da An Forest Park, July 1st... notice I apparently haven't changed clothes since last weekend
It was great to play on that stage... & Jacques & the Canadian Society put on a great party. & Molmol took these nice pics. We wiled away the evening on the grassy hillside, digging Mr. Green, Public Radio, the Muddy Basin Ramblers & the mighty Milk
your photos here
The venue for my 30th birthday celebrations, a mountain stream near Shuewunao, which definitely qualifies as the middle of nowhere... Captain Lynn led the expedition, and brought the xiaomijio. As usual, there are gaping holes in the pictoral record. Any photos of the Global Rhythm Fest, Milk's CD release, Jubba Libre!, Daniel Pearl Day, our first Longtan pondside gig, the Pressed launch party at Bliss, the Dirty Three show at Huashan, Blues Bash 3, or any of our shows at Grooveyard would be much appreciated.
In October we went out to Hualien for the inaugural edition of the terribly-named "Wild Scream" festival... I'd finally broken down and bought a digital camera (after many years without), and here are some pics from the ride. This is a mountain stream I swam in on the way there, along highway 9. Gotta love Taiwan in the fall.
The Ilan River delta, seen from Highway 9 just before it zigzags down to the coast. A new friend I found in Hualien.
The kind of photo we all love to put up on the internet... this drunk vegan punk is none other than Nick from Consider the Meek. hee hee We played on the third stage, way out in Nan Bin Park, but we were scheduled back-to-back with the Sound Clashes and managed to draw a good crowd down there for the party.
We had help from the Sound Clashes' horn section: Andy, JJ, and fellow Smoking Cone Paul Head Andy keeping the horns in line.
Over time, Andy had become such a characteristic part of our show that he was finally inducted as a full member. Membership has its privileges, they say, though we can't seem to remember what they are... Loads of fun
Dancing with the good people... All these pics of the show are courtesy of Jubba's lovely wife May Spot any Taipei rockers in the crowd?
Jubba, doing what he does best & loving it.
Our good man Kinya, always in the pocket Ty rocking out
In November we also played our second gig by the main pond in Longtan, this time as part of a benefit show to raise money for Sergio, an acrobat from Window on China who was paralyzed in an accident The boys from Militant Hippi showed up and got a nice jam going, with a raucous after-party later on at Azul
One fateful day in November, Andrew from the Sound Clashes grabbed his bags and his girl and headed back to the States. We made sure to rock things out proper before he left though, with a triple-header at the Living Room called "March Out of Babylon"
I don't have any pics from Public Radio's blazing opening set, or our own, but you can see how the night ended up anyhow... Without a doubt, the best ska band ever to call Taipei home. Adios, muchachos.
These next few photos aren't music-related, but I just can't keep them to myself. This is a little bit of life around the Treehouse for you to enjoy... Morning stretch session in Iguana class
two of my kids, Chloe and Chanel Henna, three years old, and Lily, four
Claire and Ike from baby class Darwin getting comfortable
Frankie, a natural-born star. There's a priceless video of him dancing here Halloween: Frank holding Jade's hand and doing his best not to cry. He loves Hello Kitty, nail polish, flowers, hearts, and of course Jade, but can't seem to find any room in his heart for witches, ghosts, skeletons and the like.
After a show at the Grooveyard we tried to hit up another party but ended up just jamming & boozing on a random streetcorner... Kyle happened to walk by our little slice of Skidsville & took these pics. Erin of now-defunct funksters Milk laying down some tasty nonsense
the lovely Faye Blais injecting some much-needed class into the proceedings... the view from my rooftop on Lunar New Year's Eve, 2007. That's the Taipei 101 building (incidentally, the tallest in the world) top right, and the Treehouse bottom left, with the snowman on top.
The Freemosan Outlaws took to the road in April of 2007, leaving a trail of myth, rumor, broken hearts and empty bottles in their wake. These pictures come from the second show of the tour, for a packed house at the legendary Grooveyard in Taichung. Faye Blais weaving her spell
Ty doing his thing, & Molmol doing hers Mark Berglund of Chiayi's Ad Hoc, who opened the show for us the night before in Chiayi, and came along for the ride to Taichung, taking the song out with a bang
We were loving the sing-alongs... Here we're being led by Nick Fothergill of the Black Lung Choir
Mark on mandolin, Ty on guitar Ty on beer
David Chen's banjo, on loan, threw some twang into the mix Mister Green leading a sing-along
That's Pat Reid of the Black Lung Choir on the snare. Please do check out their band; they are crrrazy good. As usual, the good people of Taichung came out and made the night truly special. We love ya
Faye working the crowd at our show in Hualien, on the east coast, at Cocomo Pub Tyler at Cocomo Pub
During a discussion of various ways to make ourselves more badass Outlaw and less the polite, wimpy momma's boys we actually are, Jay finds an innovative use for his pillow This is the only shot I have from our show at a great little bar called the Black Dog in Kaohsiung, where a small but appreciative crowd kept us singing til three in the morning.
The same weekend we played Kaohsiung, we also managed to get in two more Outlaws shows (at Hud La Voos and the Armory), and an Anglers show at May Jam on Anping Beach. It was our first time at the Jam and it was loads of fun, despite the Bar Beer. All these excellent shots were taken by Michael of He also has a Myspace page where you can see a lot of photos from the Taiwan music scene. Huge gratitude goes out to this man.
Kevin Lee from Milk, Boogie Chillin' and the Money Shot Horns on sax, and Jubba, band whore, on drums all day as usual Roger Smith, Grooveyard man and mighty musical muscle, helped us out a lot this past year on bass, keys, trumpet and good vibes.
Dooley of Ad Hoc and the Money Shot Horns on keys, and Brad, onetime drummer for Boogie Chillin', on percussion. Andy rocking out
That's Wesley of the Sound Clashes, 'Round Midnight, Les Chats Noirs and the Money Shot Horns helping us out on trumpet... And that's Wesley's dog digging the vibe.
All together, that makes ten. And Michael even managed to fit us all in. Check out more of his photos on
These pics come from Basic Aid, May 2007 at Yariv & Janet's place, Moonshine Hill, in Miaoli County. All the photos were taken by Michael at Check out his site, it's got LOADS of pics & you are probably on there. It was really one of the best parties of the year... Geoff from Militant Hippi & Paul D put their heads together to get it rolling. The rain scared a lot of folks off, but the hard core came out & it was fantastic. Proceeds went to Jess & Dan's orphanage/clinic/school in Varanasi, India.
we had help from Phil of Militant Hippi/Faye & the Slacks on percussion, Dooley of Ad Hoc/Money Shot Horns on keys, Grooveyard Roger back on the bass, and Andy & Kev blowing horns. ty belting it out
ty & I Dooley groovin it... Andy & Kev on horns.
the good people dancing really, truly, some of the coolest folks around
from Peacefest 2007, Friday night. These pics by Yvonne Ty and Roger digging in
Teacher Chad, who I'd taken over the job from in August of 2006, came back from a photo mission to India and slipped right back into his old job... Worked out beautifully for both of us. He takes excellent pics--have a look around his website Me and Mol on the road, 2007.
Rob in his studio, where we spent a LOT of weekends.